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Who are we?

UNITED MALAYSIA FLEXITANK SDN BHD is Malaysia based flexitank manufacturer with 10 years of experience in FLEXITANK industry. We are passionate about creating reliable FLEXITANK.At UMF not only deliver Quality product, we work to fulfil as much customer requirement such as customization and after sales service.

Why Flexitanks for Transporting Liquids?

Tank containers been the sole and primary means for transportation of cargos of liquid throughout the world. But in recent times, the discovery of flexitanks have added advantages in the liquid transportation industry. Flexitanks are the flexible bags that are collapsible and specially designed to be fitted inside freight containers of 20 foot. Flexitanks have added an advantage in the transportation.

Transportation can be done in bulks and thus, have curtailed the high cost of transportation. Flexitanks can not only transport various kinds of liquids but also food stuffs as well as non-inflammable commodities and other non-hazardous and. However, it is best used for the transportation of non-hazardous liquids like juice, oil and fats etc.

Flexitanks are available in different sizes and can be used as per the requirement. It can increase the volume of a particular tank. Suppose, a normal container whose capacity is 20,000 litres can hold 24,000 bottles of wine, on the other hand, a flexitank can hold as much as 32,000 bottles of wine with a capacity of 20,000 litres. Liquids can be transported in bulk.

What are the usage of Flexitanks?

Flexitanks is only proper for the transportation and storage of non-hazardous liquid, which includes:

  • Wine
  • Edible oil
  • Concenrated juice
  • Food addictives
  • Mineral water
  • Malt extract
  • Syrup
Industrial Oil
  • Lubricating oil
  • Lubricant addictive
  • Transformer oil
  • Mineral oil
  • China wood oil (tung oil)
  • Glycerin
Non-hazardous liquid chemical
  • Plasticizer
  • Synthetic resin
  • Propylene glycol
  • Ethylene glycol
  • Herbicide
  • Fertilizer
  • Natural emulsion
  • Synthetic latex

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